At Immediate System Resources, Incorporated we know that bringing the right people together is always the key to achieving great results—we do exactly that. We have developed a carefully selected team of program managers, computer system professionals, customer support specialists and document management and scanning technicians. The ISRI associates have direct software applications development experience and are thoroughly knowledgeable in a wide range of functional applications areas. Our professionals have a proven track record of excellent performance in the areas of computer software; production systems support; help desk support; call center management; document imaging, scanning and storage; software development; maintenance and enhancements; disaster planning, prevention and recovery; logistics and distribution systems; EDI; statistical analysis; epidemiological tracking systems; freight management; order fulfillment; and marketing systems.

Core Values Define Our Standard of Excellence

We take responsibility for Quality. ISRI products and services will be “best in Class” in terms of value received for dollars spent.

Satisfying and delighting our Customers – We strive for customer delight. We are dedicated to achieving the highest customer satisfaction ratings. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has rated ISRI “5” in all categories for the last six years.

We act with INTEGRITY and show respect in all we do.

ISRI Certifications

ISRI is a GSA Contract Holder on Schedule 36 – The Office, Imaging and Document Solution – with Contract Number: GS-03F-0034W.

NAICS Codes Classifications

ISRI Imaging and document solutions Contract
511210Periodical (Software) Publishers 561422Telemarketing & Other Contact Centers
518210Data Processing, Hosting & Related Services 517910Other Telecommunications (Call Centers)
519190All Other Information Services 518122Web Search Portals (On-Line Information Services
541511Custom Computer Programming541512 Computer Systems Design Services
541513Computer Facilities Mgmt. Services 541519Other Computer Related Services
541611Admin. Mgmt. & Gen. Mgmt. Consulting Services 541618Other Management Consulting Services
541690Other Sci. & Tech. Consulting Services 541990All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
561110Office Administrative Services 611420Computer Training
561421Telephone Answering Services 611710Educational Support Services

CMMI Compliance

ISRI uses a traditional approach to achieve compliance with CMMI models. We established a QA Consultant position, held by Dr. Robert Margenthaler, Professor Emeritus of Loyola University Maryland, to perform the functions of an Engineering Process Group (EPG) and Process Action Teams (PAT). Dr. Margenthaler is one of the original creators of the Loyola’s Sellinger School of Business and Management; served as Dean of the School and taught Process Re-engineering and Total Quality Management. He is eminently qualified to teach CMMI, and has informally appraised ISRI processes at all levels. He has identified and prioritized areas of improvement. ISRI has been deemed CMMI-compliant at level 2/3 in most areas, level 5 in other areas, after fifteen years of activity in the software applications.

ISRI’s Self-appraisal Rating: CMMI level of Maturity Level 2 – Managed.

    We practice the following:
  • Configuration Management
  • Measurement and Analysis of Processes
  • Process and Product Quality Assurance
  • Requirements Management
  • Supplier Agreement Management
  • Service Delivery Quality Assurance Procedures
  • Monitoring and Control of Production Processes
  • Routine Work Planning and Staffing Cross-Training and Monitoring

ISRI Management

June Smith is the President and Founder of ISRI.
June has over thirty years of progressive experience leading Information Systems and Programming and Administrative Services Initiatives.

Prior to founding ISRI, June held several senior Information Technology positions—Field Service Corporation, Xerox Corporation, Datatel. June holds a B.S. in Computer Science as well as studies in graduate programs in Computer Science. She is an Executive Management Program graduate from the Boston Consulting Group. June was accepted into the PhD program at LaSalle University but did not attend due to other professional opportunities.

Bob Margenthaler, Corporate Consultant and Quality Assurance Director
Bob is Professor Emeritus – Loyola University Maryland, and a former Dean of the Joseph A. Sellinger, S.J. School of Business and Management. Bob’s teaching in Loyola’s Executive Graduate Programs included Business Policy and Strategy Processes, Total Enterprise Simulation, Total Quality Management, Business Process Re-Engineering, and Quality Assurance. He has conducted numerous seminars and courses worldwide on business development. Bob has served as Secretary and Coordinator for the HUBZone Technology Network, Incorporated—“A Network Linking Technology Companies”—Baltimore’s HUBZone market-driven business incubator network for technology-oriented businesses.

Prior to Loyola, Bob served in the USAF, retiring with the rank of Colonel, where he held positions in research and development and logistics, Action Officer/Scientist in the Logistics Directorate (J-4) of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon, faculty member at the National Defense University (NDU) in Washington, D.C, and its affiliates, the National War College (NWC) and the Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF), Associate Dean of the Air Force Institute of Technology’s School of Engineering and Dean of the School of Systems and Logistics.

Bob Margenthaler has a Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering/Operations Research from the University of Illinois as well as a Master’s degree in Astronautical/Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University, a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering from West Coast University at Los Angeles California, and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bradley University. He is a registered professional engineer.

Quality Assurance

ISRI’s philosophy is that Quality Assurance (QA) is not just a set of tools and processes but a management philosophy where we are engaged at all phases of the quality process ensuring project success. It provides us the opportunity to continuously improve and streamline our processes, to eliminate waste from the system, and to determine when peak performance has been achieved. We believe the application of proven processes will benefit us by improving task management, end-product quality, and significantly reduce overall project risk.

ISRI’s quality control program continuously developed over previous engagements has proven to be effective and ensures services will be performed in accordance with the customers needs. We have developed and implemented procedures that identify, prevent, and ensure non-recurrence of defective services. Our quality control program is the means by which we assure for ourselves that our work complies with the requirement of each agreement and that our digital format images meet or exceed the quality of the original documents for readability.

It is ISRI’s objective to achieve Zero-Defects in all delivered products and that our digital format images will meet or exceed the quality of the original paper documents for readability, and they will me maintained in the sequence in which they were received. We have been successful in previous and current contracts in meeting this objective. We expect that we will likewise be successful in our performance on all data conversion projects.

This objective of Zero-Defects is a component part of Our Values of taking responsibility for Quality and Satisfying and Delighting our Customers.

Project Management

ISRI will assign a proven project manager who will utilize project management methodology, to deliver services in an efficient, organized and timely manner. To achieve a strong collaborative effort, our management approach is structured to:

  • Provide a single point of contact for overall delivery of the proposed solution and integrations.
  • Establish a direct line of communication between the ISRI team and customer counterparts for responsive customer service.
  • Empower each level of the project organization with appropriate authorities and responsibilities to make decisions at the lowest levels to promote effective, operationally sound solutions.
  • Centrally manage the overall ISRI team’s relationship to promote responsiveness and minimize costs.
  • Apply project management best practices.
  • Respond efficiently to fluctuating workloads to provide timely and appropriate resources.
  • Monitoring and Control of Production Processes.
  • Routine Work Planning and Staffing Cross-Training and Monitoring.

Our project management approach provides sound, comprehensive oversight required to effectively address project requirements. It is designed for customers to realize economies-of-scale; however, the project plan also has built-in flexibility to address each customer entity’s unique differences and needs such as varying organizational structures (centralized-decentralized), disparate technology systems/financial management systems, different visions and issues, and different statutory requirements.

Our project management is designed with a phased implementation approach. This phased approach mitigates project risks and provides quick deployment for varying parts of functionality. This allows customers to see benefits early in the implementation process.

Our Headquarters Facilities

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ISRI has local presence and global reach. ISRI owns the building located at 1 East 24th Street Baltimore, Maryland and houses its headquarters—this three-story brick building contains over 7,650 square feet and provides significant environmentally controlled storage space for sensitive documents. ISRI facilities are the primary location for programming, customer outsourced call centers and Microfiche/Microfilm and document scanning.