Capabilities and Products and Services

System and Software Design, Development and Maintenance

Since 1995 ISRI has been at the cutting edge of IT Services. At ISRI we understand that every business and agency is unique, and so are the solutions they require. We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all strategy” Our expertise lies in aligning our clients to their customers with business specific solutions.

ISRI has experience in the field of development of systems and is fully knowledgeable in the matters of procurement of hardware, equipment and software to meet all our customers’ specifications, and to produce the solution. ISRI has worked with various commercial off-the-shelf solutions, and has developed and copy-written its own software packages, and has a wealth of experience in all aspects from conducting market surveys and analysis to the developing of scenario-based evaluations, development of System Design Descriptions (SDD), final design and building of the Applications Programming Interface (API’s), installation, customization, enhancement, training, modification, and documentation of changes.

ISRI has performed system designs for managed healthcare systems and system components. Some of our clients include Family HealthPlan, CMG Health, and Principal Health Care Inc. ISRI has also provided software support, designed software, and networking for 18 of its Principal Health Care HMO members. Managed Healthcare software systems, claims processing, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, healthcare and hospital data reporting, emergency field dispatch, field service dispatch, freight management systems, logistics and distribution systems, data warehousing, and college and university software applications.

ISRI has developed, tested, maintained and installed Financial Reporting System, Graduate and Undergraduate Course Schedules, Budget Status Reporting, Check Reconciliation, and PHI BETA KAPPA calculating and reporting systems for one of our customers, Loyola University Maryland

ISRI also has experience with daily responsiveness to high level ranking officers and their staffs, which included support of Army, Navy, and Air Force classified and unclassified shipments through the CONUS Freight Management System (DOD MTMC), emergency software and EDI support and problem resolution in a high volume, volatile, and sensitive environment.

System/Subsystem Integration

ISRI is knowledgeable in the integration of system and subsystems. Our capabilities run from integration to legacy mainframe systems to interfacing through hosted “Cloud Based” networks.

Technical Assistance Center, Customer Call Centers, and Help Desk Managment and Support

ISRI provided Help Desk Services to the US Department of Defense, Military Traffic Management Command, handling over three thousand calls daily, for support of domestic shipments for the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Additionally, ISRI managed the Customer Help Desk for Principle HealthCare’s member organization of 18 HMO’s nationally, handling over 1,000 calls daily for resolution of patient and member problems, as well as emergency software problem resolution.  ISRI has the privilege of managing the onsite Call Center and Help Desk for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development

    Reasons to choose ISRI when you outsource your IT Help Desk:
  • Expertise – ISRI has considerable experience with the major applications, databases and operating systems. We are capable of performing root cause analysis and directly fix or provide advice on fixing what is found.
  • Availability – When you select ISRI as your IT Help Desk provider, we commit to being available at the times with required response service (phone, email, or on-site).
  • Reporting – Our reports track types of problems, trends and their resolution.
  • Service Levels – We commit to ongoing improvement of first time solution rate; reduction in call wait times; improvement in problem resolution time; and measurement and reporting of end-user satisfaction.
  • Communication – ISRI will work side-by-side with other entities to actually solve the problem instead of “finger pointing” between the hardware and the software.

Scanning, Managment, Storage, and Retrieval of Confidential Documents and Microfilm/Microfiche

ISRI was awarded a contract from the U. S. Department of the Army, Communications and Electronics Command Contracting Center (CECOM-CC) for records management of over 13,000,000 pages of contract documents which needed to be scanned/imaged, electronically indexed, archived and data warehoused. The CECOM-CC required that all documents were properly processed and loaded into a structured hierarchy of files to reduce the need for additional physical storage space. The purpose of the this project was to provide the Army with a paperless office and at the same time providing fast, efficient, and user-friendly access to contract documents dating from 1975 to 2011.

ISRI performed successfully on this contract achieving Quality Assurance levels of 99.9%. ISRI completed the task in eight (8) months, well ahead of the required delivery date, and within budget. Quality Assurance (QA) was performed at four (4) points in the production line process resulting in the QA achieved levels of 99.9%.

To achieve the best possible document conversion results, our Team focused on the total system operation—processing of each page, preparation prior to scanning, identification of document scanning issues before they occur, storage of images, and retrieval. To achieve this, we invest in the latest technologies to protect against document scanning quality errors.

Furthermore, to ensure the best possible image is consistently reproduced at the highest level of quality, it is essential not only to leverage the latest technologies, but to empower Team Members to perform at an agreed upon standard of quality. We set high standards and clear expectations up-front to achieve the optimal performance from our professionals.

Modular Application Software System

Modular Application Software System (MASS©) - is ISRI's very own plug and play application software. Covering the spectrum of businesses processes: Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Logistics and Distribution, Marketing and Corporate Maintenance. We will customize your software to fit into our WEB based software menu system. And make it interactive according to your wishes. You identify what information you need, and which systems do you need to share data.

The modules are separate components that can be connected together. The beauty of modular architecture is that we can replace or add any one component (module) without affecting the rest of the system. This allows ISRI to provide you with the specific components that you need to meet your Information Technology requirements

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Overpayment Recovery Accounting System

ISRI’s Overpayment Recovery Accounting System and Pension Overpayment Prevention –

  • Identify Deceased Pensioners on your payroll.
  • Stop Overpayments by the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network or check for Deceased Pensioners.
  • Identify overpayment recoverable amount by ACH or check analysis quickly and accurately!
  • Prevent your future losses, NOW!
    Click here for more about OPRA's POP©

HUD Homeowner Locator System

The Homeowner Locator System, our proprietary software package, was developed for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, allows us to effectively deliver our product to HUD. Users having similar needs for locator services will benefit from our services.

Additional Information Technology Services Available

  • Data Center Technology and Operations
  • Network Technology and Administration
  • Data Management and Architecture
  • Emerging Technology Architecture
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • IT Strategy and Transformation
  • Workplace Technology and Collaboration
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Enterprise Resource Systems Solutions
  • Application Modifications and Development

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